The PEARGroup equipment is owned by each individual who purchased the item or items. They do not have to share their equipment with anyone attending an investigation. It is at the owners discretion as to who uses their equipment. If equipment is lent to a person then any damage that comes to the equipment while that person is using the equipment is between the investigator that lent out the piece of equipment and the person the borrowed it. The idea is that each individual brings their own contributing equipment to the investigation so that the evidence gathered can then be correlated at a later time after the investigation.

Ghost Hunting Equipment List


  • 1 Ghost Box Hacked - "Sangean (DT-200X) FM-Stereo AM/FM Digital Tuning Personal Receiver" – For live communication with the other side. The device rifles through multiple radio frequencies in either FM or AM and it is said that the spirits and energies on the either side can communicate using the white-noise produced by the scanning.


  • 2 (CXT85) Cobra microTALK 22 channel, 16 mile range two way radios – For investigator communication when separated.


  • 1 Olympus (VN-7000) Digital Voice Recorder for EVPs – For communication with the other side. This is done through EVP or Electronic Voice Phenomenon, it is said that spirits can leave audible messages on these devices and do communicate with the living.


  • 1 Ghost Meter EMF (electromagnetic frequency) Sensor – To detect changes in the electromagnetic environment during an investigation showing where spirit activity may be taking place.


  • 1 Vivitar Mini DV Camcorder (DVR-510) with 2GB Internal Storage, Night Vision – Black – For night time or dark video documentation of an investigation.


  • 1 Panasonic (SDR-T70) 78X 33mm wide with OIS Digital video camcorder – For video documentation of an investigation.


  • 1 Paracorder 667 for detecting and recording EMF sensitive environments – To create and detect electromagnetic fields in the investigation environment shows live detection of electrical activity in an environment (spirit activity). The Paracorder is a multi-function device and can be used to replace the flashlight test where a lose connection on a standard flashlight is used for spirit communication, with the wire antenna turned inwards the paracorder will alert to a spirits presence just like in the flashlight test (spirit communication). When the wires are turned inward right above the electronics (a tesla coil!) the device becomes an Electromagnetic Field Pump!


  • 1 Ramsey (TFM3C) Tri Field Meter and "Ghost" Detector Kit" – Electro-static ion field sensitive device to track (ghost movements). This device is very sensitive to all energies in the environment be they radio frequencies (electromagnetic), ion particle disturbances, and magnetic (it is sensative enough to detect the earth's magnetism) (Out of Order, being sent in to Ramsey for repairs)


  • 1 LED/Laser Light For identifying phenomena during a night investigation.


  • 1 Infrared Mini Thermometer – To identify changes in the ambient temperature of the environment.


  • 1 Motion Detector – To alarm investigators of activity in the environment.


  • CrossTalk EVP Software – Software that mimics ghost-box using audio voice files to create static white-noise for entities to communicate with.


  • Canon PowerShot SD 600 Digital Camera – Photographic documentation.


  • Ovilus X - Device that translates electromagnetic energy signatures into audio using a built in vocabulary where each frequency is tuned to a different set of words or phonetic sounds.

  • Raytek Mini MT6 Laser LR Thermometer The Raytek IR thermometer allows investigators to read changes in temperature from across an environment and in places unreachable with laser accuracy.

  • SONY IC Digital Recorder ICD-PX820 - This is a digital recorder for capturing EVPs.

  • KII EMF Radio Frequency Detector - The KII is a standard of the industry of Ghost Hunting equipment and a must have for any serious paranormal investigator. 

  •  ITC GHOST BOX P-SB7 AM/FM Frequency Sweeping Radio - Designed for live spirit communication 

Zeikos ZE-HC36 Medium Hard Case  both parties have a ziekos case

Books (for checking information and refrencing phenomena) , Pens and Notebooks owned by Sean and Jazzma

Flashlight, Compass, Pepper Spray, and a Pocket Knife 

Investigative Software

Ghost Box Sangean Radioshack DT-200x Hacked Ghost box owned by Sean and Jazzma

Digital Voice Recorder owned by Sean and Jazzma

 EMF Ghost Meter owned by Sean and Jazzma

Ramsey TFM3 Electro-Static, Magnetic Field, Radio Frequency Meter owned by Sean and Jazzma

Ovilus X Both parties own one of these devices

 Paracorder Static-Ion Detector owned by Sean and Jazzma

Vivitar Mini Digital Video Night Vision Camcorder owned by Sean and Jazzma

 Mini Digital IR Thermometer owned by Sean and Jazzma

So you may be wondering... how does all this stuff fit in with your philosophy? Well really it is a matter of shared experience and the thrill of discovery. If an investigator wants to lend out a piece of equipment to a guest or a client then there should be a release paper signed absolving the person from responsibility if something happens to the equipment. The investigator can always have insurance taken out on their equipment. Nobody wants to ruin an investigation, this is about the experience after all.

The point is that people have a chance to experience the thrill of conducting paranormal investigations while actually gathering evidence that helps to uncover that which was unknown.

I like to compare it to conducting a Star Party for amateur astronomers. They bring their equipment (though not all of them share it with the public), share stories and information and invite people to their gatherings to share in the excitement.

The Basics

The basics essentials on an investigation are pens, notebooks, information on the area you are investigating (maps, history, etc...), flashlights, an emergency medical kit, a cell phone, a tape or digital recorder for EVPs and investigation documentation, 2 way radios, and a compass to help detect field anomalies in the environment. These are your basic investigation tools.

More Advanced (Ghost - Tech)

More advanced investigators will use technical devices such as EMF and other types of energy-field detectors, digital cameras and specialized camcorders equipped with night vision or infra-red spectrum technology. Ghost communication devices such as a ghostbox for live time communication. They usually have a laptop and an area they designate as home base where they have analyzing software and monitoring devices set up to help gather information and analyze incoming data from a live investigation. 

First Aid Medical Kit

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